The next meeting  of the membership will be on July 5th in the Clubhouse.   The indoor range is now open again. We finished making some improvements for safety reasons.  The new electronic gate is in service.

Match Scores

CHGC BPCR Match Results for 7/16/2016

7-16-2016 BPCR Silhouette Match
We had a total of 14 Competitors
Match Winner                              G. Merrell with 27/40
Second Overall                             T. Williams with 25/40
First Place Master/AAA           D. Davids with 23/40
First Place AA/A                          G. Anderson with 23/40
Remaining scores
B. Hawkes         14/40
J. Sosalla           15/40
J. Houck            12/40
J. Sosalla           18/40
R. Weaver          22/40
F. Kase              14/40
D. Fleming        16/40
M. Bloom          2/40
C. Bloom          9/40
D. Sorrells         (Didn’t turn in card)
One of our CHGC members, D. Heninger, finished 3rd BPCR Silhouette Iron Sights at Nationals in Raton, NM

CHGC BPCR Match Results for 6-20-2015

We had a total of 6 competitors
Match Winner was O. Shockley with 25/40
Second Overall was P. Hallinan with 22/40
Remaining match scores:
J. Sosalla 8/40
K. Neider 19/40
J. Sosalla 11/40
R. Weaver 19/40
CHGC BPCR Match Results for 4-18-2015
We had a total of 13 competitors
Match Winner was T. Williams with 23/40
(Tie Broken by offhand shoot off on Pigs)
Second overall was J. Bargar with 23/40
First Place AAA/Master was R. Poole with 17/40
First Place AA was J. Sosalla with 19/40
First Place A/B was B. Bottoms with 20/40
Remaining match scores:
J. Sosalla 16/40 (Shot first 5-in-a-row Turkeys)
K. Barney 16/40 (Shot first 5-in-a-row Pigs)
F. Bargar 16/40
A. Spratling 12/40
J. Spratling 17/40
R. Weaver 13/40
D. Davids 16/40
D. Heninger 15/40